Our exclusive service in the Alps

ALPLUX is a link between the various types of tourist services in the Alps. To offer a suitable and favourable solution for our guest, we make use of our mountain life experience and cooperation with the shops, transfer companies, ski and snowboard schools, restaurants, photographers and other tourist organizations. Thus, we help our guest to have worry-free vacation and the local firms to enlarge their clientele. The purpose of this project is to provide our guests with a luxury service without undue expenditure.

We offer all services at the initial prices only. While you additionally receive our advice, consultation and support during your stay at the resort.

So, together with our partners, we can offer you the following services:

  • Hotel or Apartments reservation,
  • Rental of equipment with 10% discount,
  • Ski lessons with the an excellent instructor,
  • Reservation of table in the best restaurants,
  • Outdoor photo-shooting with a professional photographer,
  • Guide-interpreter services,
  • Sports massage, and etc.